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Using the templates from Kelly’s Kindergarten, I have created several fun games to be played in a small group. I find games are crucial in teaching children to read and building fluency especially for struggling readers. If you give a child a word list of 15 words and ask them to read them 3 or 4 times, they will probably say, “awwww, reallly!?!” But, if you play a game with them, they’ll have to read the words at least 4 times and they’ll have fun doing it.

Memory or Go Fish

In order to create memory and go fish games, print each game twice (so you have two matches). Print or copy on card stock. Then cut out each card.

1 Word Per Card:

TurkeyMemory: Short A/I

SharkMemory: CVC (mixed vowels)

BeachMemory: CVC (mixed vowels)

SandcasteMemory: CVC (mixed vowels)

CatMemory- Blends

HockeyMemory: Silent E (nonsense words)

RedSoxMemory: tion (only need to print one copy)

1 Phrase or Sentence Per Card (great for fluency practice!):

CruiseMemory: Ai/Ay (Diphthongs, Vowel Teams)

SharkMemory: Ee, Ea (Dipthongs, Vowel Teams)

RayMemory: old/ind/ost (closed syllable exceptions/familywords)

HockeyMemory: old/ind/ost (another one)

SharkMemory: ang/ing/ung


For Uno Games, you only need to print one copy of the game on card stock and then cut.

AnimalUno: CVC Words

CarUno: Digraphs

FarmAnimalUno: 2 Syllable (VCCV syllable type)

SeaCreatureUno: 2 Syllable old, ost, ind, ang etc

FarmAnimalUno: Prefix (dis, mis, un, re)

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  1. November 20, 2010 6:06 pm

    What an excellent resource! Thanks for sharing! I can definitely use these with one of the kids that I tutor. I’ve used some of Kelly Kindergarten games but we are need of some new ones. Thanks!

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