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A Parent’s Guide to Being Teacher’s Pet

September 1, 2010

Let’s face it, sometimes parents can be more of a pain than the kids. I know I cannot write a book how to parent, nor would I ever claim to be able to. But I COULD write a book on how not to piss off your child’s teacher.

Here is a brief list of what NOT to do if you’d like to stay on the teacher’s good side. Most are taken straight from my open house today.

1. At the beginning of the year there is a form to fill out which says, what would you like your child to be called? Do NOT spell your child’s name wrong and then act as though I am the one who has spelled it wrong when you see it around the classroom (yes, I will show you the original form, while acting confused so you will see YOU are wrong). Also, do NOT list a nickname here that your child does not actually like to be called. If there is any confusion about your child’s name, please note that.

2. Do NOT get upset with me when your child’s name is not on every possible thing in the classroom when you just registered for kindergarten ONE day before school starts. Frankly, you are lucky it is on SOME thing in the classroom cuz I have better things to do than run around making up for you taking your sweet time registering your child.

3. If your child yells at me within 2 seconds of meeting me, do not giggle and make excuses for them. It’s not normal, even if a child is tired (or nervous) for him or her to act rude during introductions. At least pretend you are embarrassed or disappointed.

4. If I ask you to refrain from having your kids buy lunch the first week of school, please actually listen. I don’t make up rules just for fun, there is a reason. Also I don’t really care if your older child buys lunch, pack your kindergartners lunch for one week. To be honest, I think you should pack it as much as possible considering the nasty stuff they charge you an arm and a leg for, but whatever happens after the first week, I won’t judge.

5. If your child has any kind of issue, PLEASE tell the school. I will not get the appropriate support if you lie and say your child is an angel when in fact they are not. I will find out your lying within 5 minutes and it will be too late then.

Want Extra Credit? Here are some things you can do…

1. This one is hard (that’s why it’s extra credit). If your child is having trouble separating, go go go go. Did I mention go? Never had a kid be upset for more than literally ONE MINUTE post parents leaving. Please go. I promise to send you an email in five minutes when your kid is happily playing. Promise.

2. Try to read all the crap that goes home at the beginning of the year. Again, I don’t just spend time in the summer writing information just for fun. If you want to skip stuff, don’t skip anything I write. Thanks 🙂

3. Might as well us how great we are as often as possible…

PS. It should be said that for every annoying parent I have had, there is always an amazing parent. Not only are they wonderful with their child, but they are also always willing to help, 100 % supportive and understanding, and will wake up early to bake cookies for me on the last day of school (or the last day of tutoring as the case was last week). Those parents are out there too. Just for the record.

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  1. September 1, 2010 11:55 pm

    Um Amen to to like…ALL of those. I don’t teach kindergarten, so god bless you, but I can relate to many of those anyway!

  2. Dally permalink
    September 2, 2010 3:41 am

    I am the GT teacher and I’m stationed across the hall from a kindergarten classroom for the first time in my career. In just two weeks I’ve been SHOCKED by the parent behavior. I will forward your post on my FB so hopefully those who I know and love won’t be crummy kinder parents. 🙂 Hang in there!

  3. September 7, 2010 4:22 pm

    I’m a new reader, and this post is great!! i totally laughed for a good 5 minutes!
    I’m still in school, getting my credential and degree, but I love reading your blog for a little snippet of the ‘real world of teaching’.
    I hope you’re blessed with more amazing parents than annoying ones 🙂

  4. September 12, 2010 12:16 pm

    I had the worst experience during my first year in teaching.

    During the first week, I caught one of my pupils writing on the walls using crayons.

    After class, I talked to his mother about the incident. I remember I was very calm although I was upset because I’d have to clean it up all by myself after class hours.

    To my horror, the mother spanked her child in front of me until the boy was crying out loud.

    I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t ask for it. I was thinking that maybe she’d talk to her child as soon as they get home. Somehow, I felt inexplicable guilt.

    Some parents are crazy.

  5. Lynn Brooks permalink
    November 20, 2013 6:17 pm

    You are a complete moron. If you are not a parent, you are clueless. If you can’t take the heat, go back to working retail. Where you belong.

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